Payment Problems / Issues

If you receive an error message when you’re trying to purchase a 3d model, please check if it’s one of the following, and what can you do to solve it:

Your card was declined or Your card is not supported:

Please make sure that your card has a funding source with enough money for the product you’re purchasing, is enabled for online payments, international transactions.

In this case, you can retry the payment as soon as the issue with the card is fixed or select a different payment method. See more information about our accepted payment methods here.

URL confirmation not found or Instruct the customer to retry the transaction using an alternative payment method from the customers PayPal wallet. The transaction did not complete with the customers selected payment method:

If you’re trying to pay using PayPal and you receive this message, it is possible that the card/funding source linked to your PayPal account doesn’t support our kind of payments.

It is also possible that you’re trying to pay using PayPal Wallet. Please note that our system does not accept PayPal Wallet as payment method, only accounts linked to a bank account/card.

Undefined or Failed to Fetch:

Some ad blockers or other pop up window blockers can interfere with our checkout page.

Please disable any ad blocker or extension you might have in your browser and try again. Alternatively, please try from a different browser or an incognito window.

Also, some proxies might interfere, if you are using a proxy, please try a different one, or no proxy at all.

Invalid zip/postal code:

Please make sure the postal code you’re entering is the correct one for your city and region/state. You can check what is your zip/postal code here:

Action timed out, There is a problem trying to connect with your bank or Network Error:

There is a temporary issue that is preventing us from communicating with your bank. You can try again after a few minutes.

Your card has insufficient funds:

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the funds are insufficient, it could mean that your card is not enabled for recurring payments or that your bank doesn’t allow payments in a different currency.

Validation failed:

Your bank/PayPal needs a 3DS validation, it could be a code sent to your bank/PayPal app or an SMS, please check whether you received the authorization from your bank.

If you haven’t received any request to confirm the operation, you may need to contact your bank/PayPal in order to configure this double verification process correctly.

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