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As we are striving to assist our customers in getting what they need for their projects, our Custom Services staff often can convert the 3D model into the format suitable for your purposes.

If you have any questions about some 3D model, please make sure that you address them to our Member Services before purchasing it. The reason is that, while we always try to help, some items cannot be converted into a specific format — and you’d better learn about that fact before paying for that model!

Usually we do a conversion within 2-4 hours after request, free of charge, but please keep in mind the following:

  • While we do offer free conversion service to our members, that doesn’t apply to free models and free model collections;
  • Rendering (making a 2D image out of a 3D model) is not conversion, so it is not provided as part of our free conversion service;
  • As we offer conversion service to our members on equal basis, you can submit up to 5 conversion requests only — you should not try to get around this limitation by using multiple accounts or by making multiple purchases!
  • If you need to get the converted model by a certain date and/or time, please remember that while we are trying to do each conversion as fast as possible, our usual procedure is “first come, first served”. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to let us know of your deadline when making a request for conversion.
  • We can convert to these formats: .3ds, obj, .fbx, .mb, .ma, .c4d, .dxf, .dwg, .3dm, .lwo, .max (all versions), .rh, .skp, .stl, .vrml, .wrl, and .x
  • We cannot convert to all solid formats: .sldprt, .step, .iges etc.
  • We cannot convert 3d scene, only objects.

Important limitation notes:

  • .3ds, .3dm, .dwg, .dxf, and .stl formats will not contain textures or materials and will not be to scale/dimension.
  • .3dm format will remain a non-NURBS mesh/polygon model.
  • Only geometry, textures, and basic materials can be exported. Animation, rigging, joints, lighting, and advanced materials cannot be exported.
  • Most file format conversions are done in 15-30 minutes but this process can take longer depending on the complexity of the model.

Upon receiving your request for conversion, first we must determine how complex is the task. If it’s a large job that may involve some fees, we will let you know about that in good time. And we say it again: Please get in touch with us prior to making a purchase, so we can help you make the optimal decision.

If you haven’t found anything suitable for your purposes at our online store and now are looking for a custom-made 3D model, please feel free to get in touch with our Custom Modeling staff who might recommend you an artist capable of creating just what you need.

Please note that we reserve the right to decline some free conversion requests, so it’s highly recommended to contact our staff (yes, before making a purchase!) and check out whether the conversion is possible at all — sorry but you do not get a refund after making a purchase simply because you cannot have that model converted to a specific format!

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