3D models put on sale and copyright infringement issues

Please make sure that you do not violate copyright laws: Any external assets used in your work must be duly licensed. Sure, when creating 3D models, many authors use pre-built mesh components, images (including stock photos), add-ons (textures, materials, brushes), etc. This practice is allowable if each of those assets has a license that explicitly allows using them in products made for resale and redistribution. Please keep in mind that you are solely responsible for clearing the rights to use any materials and components — if necessary, always contact the item’s maker and ask for written permission to use the item.

We reject any files that infringe copyright laws and remove the items already uploaded to our store if we find out about such an infringement. In case you need to clarify some copyright issue, please feel free to get in touch with our Support Dept.

While we understand that an author can be inspired by another author’s 3D models, please be aware that you cannot copy any digital assets (designs, topology, materials, textures, etc.) either from 3DExport or from other places. Therefore, if your file looks very similar to another one, already uploaded to 3DExport by someone else, don’t bother offering it for sale — most likely, it will be removed and you will get a warning. So please make sure that all your files are unique.

If you are using a certain font in your work, always mention that font both in the help file and in the product description, and provide a link to a website where it can be downloaded. Please remember that you need a license to include the font in your product.

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