How can I avert returns of the items I sell?

Above all, try to make accurate item previews and provide comprehensive information in item descriptions — assuming that your items are of high quality, attention to such details alone can slash the number of returns dramatically.

In the meantime, we do our best to let the vendors get their money and the buyers get quality products.

Upon receiving information from a buyer that something is wrong with the acquired item, we always try to inform the vendor about that to solve the problem to everybody’s satisfaction. Therefore, please stay in touch with us so that you can take prompt action and keep the buyer happy.

If you do not respond in due time in case of such an issue or if you do respond but we still cannot settle the issue, we may have to refund the money to the buyer.

Please feel free to get in touch with our Support Dept. if you have any problem with adding your items to our online store or just want to know what kind of information should be provided in item descriptions.

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