Something does not work for me

Check your browser cookies

Different browsers have different settings to control the display of information. To use NetinoMedia Marketplaces, your browser must accept cookies. You may have blocked cookies by accident; check your browser preferences and see. Using Firefox, for example:

Open Firefox preferences:

  • Tools – > Options in Windows,
  • Edit – > Options in Linux
  • Firefox menu – > Preferences on a Mac

Go to the Privacy tab, ensure that cookies are enabled, click the Exceptions button, and remove “store url” from the list of exceptions if it’s present, and evething should work.

Try another browser (or operating system)

There is a good chance that the particular browser you’re using may be having issues. Switching to another browser may resolve this problem. Aside from Internet Explorer, there are a wide range of free browsers available:

If all else fails, and you have a spare computer with another operating system (such as Windows, OSX, or Linux), try logging in again with the aforementioned computer.

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