Why does the EULA prohibit “commercial use”?

According to our End User License Agreement, the products you have acquired at our store can be used for various purposes — ads, television programs, movies, video games, and so on. However, it’s your responsibility to protect the intellectual property contained in the product in such a way that no third party can access, re-sell or re-use the files that you acquired at 3DExport.

Say, if you buy a 3D model of a piece of furniture to be used in a movie, you can distribute that movie for a profit but you cannot make a real toy of that 3D model and sell it; and, surely, you cannot re-sell the files of the 3D model to any third party (e.g. to another movie maker).

If you are using 3D models for making video games or other software applications, you are obliged to ensure that the models cannot be separated from your software (for example, you may need to apply strong encryption to the files for that purpose).

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