Why was my 3D Model deleted?

We strive to have only the best quality 3D models on offer, so we reserve the right to remove any items we deem inappropriate for our catalog.

When uploading any items to our store, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Your 3D model components cannot include any photos or textures created by someone else.
  • You cannot upload any 3D models that you do not own or do not have resell rights for.
  • You cannot buy or obtain in other ways 3D content from other 3D content stores and re-upload it to 3DExport for resale. Please note that if we find out that you violated this rule, your account will be banned immediately.
  • Neither your model nor it’s components can contain any advertisement; copyrighted graphics, images, artwork; or pornographic content.

We check the quality of each 3D model added to our catalog. While we reserve the right to set our own quality standards, here are some common reasons for deleting items from our catalog:

  • Low modeling quality.
  • Low rendering quality.
  • Low texturing quality.
  • Very dark renders.
  • Very small renders.
  • Very simple model.
  • Model stolen or not legally belonging to the seller.
  • Item removed at the author’s request.
  • Model created using Poser.
  • Incorrect submission.
  • Incomplete model.
  • Duplicate submission.
  • Incorrect preview.
  • Model created using some model-generating software.

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